Working with R-Com Technical (, NGA are delivering next generation visitor and citizen engagement.

The solution provides customers with the ability to deliver natural language engagement with people, and through being highly informative and interactive, delivering visitor/citizen insight and sentiment analysis. Working in parallel with footfall counting and localised air quality monitoring, the combined solution delivers customers with an unparalleled level of user insight that will help shape future plans and deliver a greater customer and visitor experience

R-Com IoT

R-Com deliver a robust and purpose-built IOT- VT data collection product family, offering highly efficient data capture, counting, measurement and analysis of key aspects of mobility and environmental conditions.

Data can be processed and analysed using the customers in house tools, 3rd party software or the R–Com IoT data Analysis dashboard which provides an easy to use Graphical User Interface (GUI) and a range of standard reports which can be tailored for instant analysis of the streaming data.

The R-Com Technical solution is able to collect the following data

  • Pedestrian, vehicle and cycle counting on roads, cycle ways and pavements across the
  • Passenger counting & verification on public transport including trams, trains and
  • Footfall, usage, frequency and other activities are monitored to provide real time, time stamped high quality data as the basis for planning and deploying services.
  • Constant monitoring of city pollution levels for NO2 / CO2 / O3

Anonymised People Counting and Air Quality Monitoring to enhance the visitor, customer and citizen experience.