Visitor Insight

Insight into your visitors is an essential part of developing and improving your customers experience and growing your revenue.

 Build your insight through the use of Image Analysis utilising your existing or new CCTV cameras.

Understand the flow of vehicle traffic to and from the site, understand the dwell time with highly accurate counting of all types of vehicles.

Gain an insight in to the footfall and flow of visitors around your sight and enhance and enrich their journey and experience.

Using CCTV cameras that anonymise the image count the number and types of vehicles entering and leaving your location.

Use these insights and the data to support investment, enhancing and developing attractions. In addition, the data is highly accurate and can be used to support planning applications and discussions with your local highways teams.   

Working with our Partners R-Com Technical ( we can enable your existing CCTV systems to deliver increased value and insight for your organisation. 

The solution can also take advantage of popup and short term camera installations to enhance your site visualisation. 

Watch The video of vehicle counting in action – this contains flashing images


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