Increasing Field and Farm Yield

Maximising the yield and profit of any grower is the primary objective of the NextGenAgri solutions.

Utilising a range of technologies to deliver insight into the environment, growth  patterns, health of the crops and fields.

NextGenAgri deliver solution capabilities for satellite image based field monitoring, Automated field health and conditional reporting augmenting this with environmental factors such as weather prediction.

NextGenAgri’s collaboration with growers ensures the successful adoption of our technologies to maximise its impact on farm yield.

Asset and farm Security

Farm Security and the protection of essential assets and plant are an ever increasing challenge.

Cost Effective, multi-layer security for any business is critical for the prevention of crime through deterrence and detection.

NextGenAgri deliver a range of solutions that can provide both individual asset/plant/vehicle tracking and augmentation of existing security CCTV systems to provide proactive alerts on site intrusion.

Worker Safety

Worker safety is a business responsibility that should focus on a zero incident target.

Incidents do happen and managing these effectively is critical.

NextGenAgri Agricultural Lone Worker solutions offer enhance protection and awareness for every worker and contractor ensuring that they can be proactively tracked whilst working alone.

The solution provides each worker with the ability to raise an alarm should they experience an incident, these can be managed locally by farm management or automatically escalated to a 24×7 support centre.

NextGenAgri deliver a managed solution that provides farm operators with confidence that their employees can raise an alert should there be an incident.