Asset and farm Security

Farm Security and the protection of essential assets and plant are an ever increasing challenge. We continually evolve our capability to protect your assets based upon criminal behaviour.

Cost Effective, multi-layer security for any business is critical for the prevention of crime through deterrence and detection.

NextGenAgri deliver a range of solutions that can provide both individual asset/plant/vehicle tracking and augmentation of existing security CCTV systems to provide proactive alerts on site intrusion.

Active AI Enhanced CCTV

Extend your cameras capability to deliver proactive alerts of activity throughout the day around your farm buildings.

Enhance your existing digital CCTV systems to detect out of hours move and activity of people and vehicles. 

Raise alerts for out-of-hours unexpected activity in areas around your farm. 

The solution utilises AI to identify vehicle types and sizes from scooters through to large plant, people and behaviour to raise alerts and alarms. 


See the solution in action – or play it here

Asset Tracking

Use asset trackers for monitoring your critical assets.

Set alerts and alarms for usage and geofence the asset to deliver proactive awareness of its location.