Worker Safety - Lone Worker Management

Worker safety is a business responsibility that should focus on a zero incident target.

The HSE have identified that the Agriculture sector has some of the highest rates of work place incidents.

Incidents do happen and managing these effectively is critical.

NextGenAgri Agricultural Lone Worker solutions offer enhanced protection and awareness for every worker and contractor ensuring that they can be proactively tracked whilst working alone.

The solution provides each worker with the ability to raise an alarm should they experience an incident, these can be managed locally by farm management or automatically escalated to a 24×7 support centre.

NextGenAgri deliver a managed solution that provides farm operators with confidence that their employees can raise an alert should there be an incident.

Lone Worker Benefits

Cost effective, easy to use application that provides lone working session reporting and alerts.

Alerts available for non-movement, panic and duress.

Extended capability with a simple alert button, used for acknowledgement of session check-ins and for raising duress alerts.  

Self-managed or monitored alert escalation for site and estate managers. Monitored alerts utilise a 24×7 support centre, providing immediate escalation of events to deliver an active response.

Incident recording and reporting, providing a log of actions to help drive evolution of working practices.




Easy to Use Smart Phone Application 


An easy to use Smart Phone App, tailored to each users preferences, combined with a wearable button to provide easy access to acknowledge messages, warnings and raise alerts when away from the phone.

Manage each lone working session, deliver no movement alerts and alarms, regular check-ins and raise panic alerts when under duress. 


Alert Button for extended usage and safety


Extend the usage of the solution with a connected button, providing extended coverage when not carrying your phone up to 75 feet when in doors and 300 feet when outdoors.

Raise duress alerts, acknowledge check-in alerts when away from your phone.