Increasing Field and Farm Yield

Maximising the yield and profit of any grower is the primary objective of the NextGenAgri solutions.

Utilising a range of technologies to deliver insight into the environment, growth  patterns, health of the crops and fields.

NextGenAgri deliver solution capabilities for satellite image based field monitoring, Automated field health and conditional reporting augmenting this with environmental factors such as weather prediction.

NextGenAgri’s collaboration with growers ensures the successful adoption of our technologies to maximise its impact on farm yield.

Solution Overview

Utilising Satellite image analysis and industry standard indexes, monitoring the full lifecycle of crop growth to augment and support grower’s knowledge and experience.

Monitoring at a field and crop level provides data driven insight into a range of growth factors, these include fertilizer, a rolling weather forecast and cold/heat shock.

The core of solution current monitors over 80,000 Hectares of arable land across the world. Yield increases have been seen up to 25%.

Crop Management Benefits

  • Easy to use, cost-efficient smart farming solution.
  • Data driven decision-making from satellite data.
  • Increasing yield, remote field visualisation and management.
  • Early Problem detection.
  • Precise weather predictions.