Engage your visitors, customers and citizens with an easy to use contactless solution to enhance their experience at anytime, anywhere, delivering access to information about the physical world.    

Use https://sticky.to/ stickers to enable anyone to access information about physical objects using their smart phone.

Utilising the same technology as the NextGenAgri Digital Charity Donation to engage and enrich your customers experience, extending knowledge and building the ability to develop a longer and more in-depth relationship with your customers. 

The NextGenAgri Nature Trail Example

The solution example illustrates how a you and your users journey can be digitised, enhanced and evolved to deliver new experiences for any physical world point of interest.

The use cases provides you with the ability to capture your visitors details, deliver enhanced information for points of  interest, interaction and understand an individuals experience. 

The nature trail has 3 stages to help illustrate the solutions capabilities

1. Check In Process and Registration

2. Point of Interest Enhancement – illustrated by 3 Points of Interest

3. Feedback 

1. The Check In Process

Tap to Check-In and Registration – capture details of visitors, start to understand your customer and how you can evolve future experiences.      

Personalise your customers welcome experience.

Capture your customers contact details for future and longer term engagement 

2. Enhancing Your Points of Interest

Deliver an enriched experience for all age groups, provide greater context, information, interaction and engagement.

Tap at each location to explore and engage.

Point of Interest Number 1 – The Oak Tree

oak tree 3a

Associate a Sticky with each physical Point of Interest

Your tap will take you to information about the Oak Tree, build context and illustrate its importance to the environment and its place in the ecosystem. Provide an opportunity for interaction about the Oak Tree to raise points of interest.     

Point of Interest Number 2 – The Squirrel

Squirrel 2

Establish points of interest to illustrate a wider context and understanding of the environment.

Your tap will take you to information about the Squirrel, gather information about the individuals experience on the day to evolve future information and to deliver a greater experience. 

Point of Interest Number 3 – Charles Darwin

Charles Darwin

Extend understanding and knowledge about any physical world point of interest and establish a context between points 

Extend a point of interest to bring the experience to life for a person or group. Provide a greater context for why a point of interest is important and help extend knowledge and interest. 

3. Feedback

Gain insight from users of the trail, help evolve the trail both in the physical and digital world to enrich future visitor experiences. Offer the capability to deliver support for the attraction through interaction with social media.  

Evolve based upon customer experience.

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