Why AI is our best chance yet to reverse the UK’s rural crime trends

The adoption of Artificial Intelligence in the agricultural sector has been relatively slow, but this powerful technology can offer tremendous value to agricultural businesses – particularly when it comes to farm security.

Broadly speaking, AI uses machine learning to build up a picture of commonalities, which allows it to identify what’s normal and what’s abnormal.

New AI-driven tools like the farm security system we’ve just launched with NextGenAgri are now coming onto the market.

This system works with any existing CCTV hardware to significantly expand its capabilities. Rather than just capturing footage for you to review, AI-driven farm security software can – in real time – use people and vehicle recognition, as well as motion sensors, to detect activity and identify whether it’s suspicious. 

More than that, it gives you a chance to act through an instant text message or email alert, so you can decide whether or not to take action. If you recognise the person or vehicle, you can simply ignore the alert. If you don’t, and you’re concerned, you can quickly escalate it to your local police station – without you having to intervene yourself.

Whenever an alert is issued, the system ‘teaches’ itself more about what’s normal or abnormal on your specific premises. Every time you dismiss an alert, it knows not to show you that same person or vehicle in future. If you have seasonal workers arriving on site at 4am, for instance, you can teach the system that the worker is ‘safe’.

The signage showing that a CCTV system has AI software installed is also a deterrent that thieves will think twice about gambling with. Ultimately, it means farmers can be pro-active, rather than purely re-active, and take a preventative as well as a remedial approach.

Through AI, we can automate security much more effectively – meaning farmers can stay one step ahead of thieves, however sophisticated their approach becomes.

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Securing UK farms: Tackling rural crime with NextGenAgri Limited

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